Other vegetables available in winter

There is life beyond root vegetables during winter! Mostly in the form of the brassica family, which brings us a variety of cabbages as well as cauliflowers and some broccoli too. Depending on where you live you might also be able to get hold of the Mediterranean cardoon, a treat not to be missed!

Just as with the last two posts about seasonal produce, the dates listed are for the UK and could be different in other places.

  • broccoli: available mostly until November, but some varieties can be grown found well into March
  • Brussel sprouts: available October to March
  • cabbages: available year round, some varieties only available during winter
  • cardoon: available September to March
  • cauliflower: available December to April
  • celery: available July to February
  • chicory (all varieties, including radicchio, endive, and escarole): available year round but sweeter January to march
  • kale: available September to February
  • leeks: available September to March
  • winter squash: available October to March

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