Spring clean the kitchen: wrap up

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Bottom of the fridge fritters and dip

Quick and easy versatile fritters that can be modified to suit all tastes and dietary needs, with an accompanying dip.

Online tools to help you spring clean your kitchen

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Whatever’s left muffins (sweet or savoury)

Dump and mix muffins that can be customised to the ingredients available to you.

magic shopping list printable | Cristina in the kitchen

Magic shopping list to save money and stop waste (plus free printable)

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Easy egg fried rice to use all your leftovers

Quick and easy all-in-one meal to help you use all the odds-and-ends. You can have it hot or cold. Take it to work for a delicious and filling lunch or whip it up to feed you hungry kids a healthy balanced meal.

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Basics to always keep around (plus free printable)

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