OAT, COCONUT, and RICE FLOUR recipe ROUNDUP: 90+ gluten-free sweet and savoury recipes

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I have talked before on how I think flour is one of the basic ingredients everyone should keep at home to maximise their cooking potential. But that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to the typical plain white flour.

There are many options for flour out there right now, and as they become more and more popular prices keep getting more affordable. These 3 are easy to DIY at home if you want to have a go with them.

Check all the posts where I talk about flour.

Oat flour recipes

These are all oat flour-only recipes. If a recipe called for gluten-free flour, I skipped it. If it called for rice/almond/tapioca/corn or any other kind of flour, I skipped it too. And I most definitely skipped those that use wheat flour.

I realise there are a lot of links to Allrecipes, they just have a lot of very nice oat flour recipes!

Oat flour is extremely easy to make at home, you don’t need to pay expensive prices for it. All you need is some oats and either a blender or food processor.

Sweet recipes

  1. Chewy vegan zucchini brownies, by Allrecipes
  2. Cinnamon apple pop tart, by Livia’s
  3. Cranberry orange gluten free biscotti, by A saucy kitchen (lots of useful notes!)
  4. Dark chocolate butternut squash bread, by Allrecipes
  5. Easy roasted almond cookies, by Allrecipes
  6. Gluten-free gingersnaps, by Allrecipes
  7. Gluten-free heart-friendly carrot pancakes, by Allrecipes
  8. Gluten free honey oat bread, by Mind over munch (a bit of scrolling, but the recipe is worth it)
  9. Gluten-free nuts and seeds clusters, by Allrecipes
  10. Gluten-free pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, by Allrecipes
  11. Greek yoghurt healthy pancake, by Nic’s nutrition
  12. Healthy black bean brownies, by Allrecipes
  13. Incredible gluten-free banana bread, by Allrecipes
  14. Moist orange cake with olive oil, by Allrecipes
  15. Oat pancake with raspberries and honey, by BBC
  16. Peanut butter bliss cookies, by Allrecipes
  17. Quinoa raisin breakfast bites, by Allrecipes
  18. Vegan banana peanut butter pancakes, by Allrecipes
  19. Vegan chocolate chip pancakes, by Stay at home mum
  20. Vegan cocoa fudgy gluten-free brownies, by Allrecipes
  21. Vegan oat flour muffins, by Allrecipes

Savoury recipes

  1. Buffalo chicken wings, by Oats everyday
  2. Easy no flour pie crust, by Practical stewardship
  3. Healthy sweet potato and cheddar pancakes, by The big man’s world
  4. Ikea style vegan meatballs, by Simple vegan blog
  5. Oat griddle cakes, by Allrecipes
  6. Oat tortillas, by Oats everyday
  7. Organic oat flour drop biscuits, by SparkRecipes
  8. Pizza (gluten-free oat crust), by Oats everyday)
  9. Potato pancakes, by Forks over knives
  10. Thai chicken meatballs, by The lean green bean
  11. Zucchini tuna fritters, by Eat Run Lift

Coconut flour recipes

A lot of the recipes that use coconut flour come from ‘healthy’ or ‘natural’ cooks and include a lot of alternative ingredients. Most (if not all) of these recipes will work with more conventional, and affordable, ingredients

These are coconut flour-only recipes. None of the recipes calls for any other kind of flour. If you’re a coconut anything fan, you should check out Coconut mama, she lots of great coconut-based recipes (I’ve linked to a few).

When using coconut flour you need to keep in mind that it likes to soak on liquid and it can be quite tricky to adapt recipes made for wheat flour. it’s always best to start with a recipe developed for coconut flour and modify that.

If coconut flour is hard to find or too expensive, you can use coconut flakes or shreds to make your own, it won’t be exactly the same, but close enough.

Sweet recipes

  1. Chocolate coconut cake, by allrecipes
  2. Cloud waffles, by Keto island
  3. Coconut coffee muffins, by allrecipes
  4. Coconut crepes, by allrecipes
  5. Coconut flour, almond butter and raisin cookies, by allrecipes
  6. Coconut flour banana nut muffins, by allrecipes
  7. Coconut flour chocolate brownies, by allrecipes
  8. Coconut flour pancakes, by BBC goodfood
  9. Cranberry jalapeno “cornbread” muffins, by allrecipes
  10. Gluten-free dehydrated rosemary and cranberry crisps, by allrecipes
  11. Keto coconut cupcakes, by allrecipes
  12. Lazy keto maple-vanilla mug cake, by allrecipes
  13. Low-carb pancakes with coconut flour, by allrecipes
  14. No bake paleo millionaires shortbread, by A saucy kitchen (a bit of scrolling, but the recipe is very good)
  15. Paleo coconut muffins, by allrecipes
  16. Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies (daddy cookies), by allrecipes
  17. Pumpkin coconut pancakes, by allrecipes
  18. Raw exotic avocado truffles, by Gourmandelle (some scrolling)
  19. Vanilla coconut flour cupcakes, by allrecipes
  20. Zucchini bread breakfast pizza, by allrecipes

Savoury recipes

  1. Cauliflower pita bread, by Merrymaker sisters
  2. Coconut-crusted tilapia, by allrecipes
  3. Coconut flour flatbread, by the blood sugar diet
  4. Coconut flour pie crust, by Coconut mama (you can ‘jump to recipe)
  5. Coconut flour tortillas, by Coconut mama (you can ‘jump to recipe)
  6. Everything bagel chaffle with smoked salmon cream cheese, by allrecipes
  7. Grain free herbed biscuits, by Ditch the wheat (a converted recipe, the blogger explains the changes step by step, a great resource)
  8. Grain free stuffed pizza bread, by Beauty and the foodie (a tiny bit of scrolling)
  9. Healthy potato gems (healthy tots), by Merrymaker sisters
  10. Homemade fish sticks, by Wellness mama
  11. Keto sandwich bread, by Coconut mama (you can ‘jump to recipe’)
  12. Paleo carrot souffle, by allrecipes
  13. Paleo cheese (nut free), by Merrymaker sisters
  14. Rainbow vegetable slice, by Live love nourish

Rice flour recipes

All these recipes use rice flour only. Some use white rice flour, some brown rice flour, and some both. But none calls for any other kind of flour. However, a good third of the recipes need xanthan gum. It’s not too hard to find in the baking section of supermarkets, and it greatly improves the texture of rice flour baked goods.

Most links are from big name companies and the ones from blogs are from those that are easy to read without too much scrolling and unnecessary text and images.

If you struggle finding rice flour or it’s expensive at your local supermarket, check in Asian stores. usually they will have a variety to choose from at affordable prices. Or, you can make your own by blending or processing rice.

Sweet recipes

  1. Akara (banana fritters), by recipes from a pantry
  2. Awesome apple muffins, by allrecipes
  3. Black sesame dumplings, by ice pandora
  4. Cherry vanilla chip muffins, by allrecipes
  5. Delish coconut muffins, by allrecipes
  6. Gin and tonic cake, by Great British chefs
  7. Gluten free brownies: pumpkin and ginger, by Sun temple food
  8. Gluten-free Christmas cake, by BBC
  9. Gluten-free cranberry walnut muffins, by allrecipes
  10. Gluten-free nutty apple crisp, by allrecipes
  11. Gluten-free passion fruit and coconut cake, by BBC
  12. Gluten-free snickerdoodles, by allrecipes
  13. Gluten-free sticky toffee pudding, by BBC
  14. Green tea lemon cookies, by allrecipes
  15. Healthy raspberry lime coconut muffins, by Anisa Sabet
  16. Hypoallergenic pumpkin bread, by allrecipes
  17. Lemon ginger scones with brown rice flour and agave nectar, by allrecipes
  18. Rice flour pancakes, by Fueling with flavour
  19. Sesame raisin cookies, by allrecipes
  20. Sweet potato and yogurt cake, by Inner Harmony Nutrition
  21. Vegan lemon-coconut cupcakes, by allrecipes

Savoury recipes

  1. Akka rotti, by allrecipes
  2. Crispy vegetable tempura, by Heather Christo
  3. Easy rice bread, by allrecipes
  4. Gluten free rice flour pastry case, by Doves Farm
  5. Gluten-free upside-down pizza, by allrecipes
  6. How to make kimchi, by foxy folksy (step-by-step photos)
  7. Idlis, by the curry guy (a bit of scrolling, but worth it)
  8. Mangsho fita shinni (beef curry), by BBC
  9. Ney pathiri, by Yummy kit
  10. Pumpkin patties, by Over 60
  11. Vegan bean burgers, by allrecipes


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