RYE, SPELT, and BUCKWHEAT FLOUR recipe ROUNDUP: 90+ sweet and savoury recipes

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If I haven’t made it obvious before, I think that flour is a very important thing to keep around in the kitchen to make cooking easier. There are so many things you can do just by having a few spoonfuls of flour available.

But regular wheat flour is not the option out there! This post is a roundup of fantastic recipes from around the web that feature 3 flours that, if a little harder to use, can usually be found in regular supermarkets and food stores: rye, spelt, and buckwheat.

Check all the posts where I talk about flour.

Rye flour recipes

Rye flour makes us think of Scandinavia and Northern European countries, and I have listed many of them here. However, there are also a lot of opportunities for using rye flour in recipes from all over the world.

Because of how heavy it is, rye flour is usually mixed with other flours and finding recipes that use rye flour only is extremely hard, but not impossible! I added a note to those recipes listed that use rye flour only (about half of the recipes).

As usual, I kept all blog links limited to those that don’t require a lot of scrolling to find the recipe (except, for two links with recipes that are worth the extra scrolling!).

Sweet recipes

  1. Almond rye shortbread, By Doves Farm (rye flour only)
  2. Anise bread, by allrecipes
  3. Chewy gooey cookies, by allrecipes
  4. Cinnamon spiced apple crumble muffins, by My inspiration (rye flour only)
  5. Cranberry & pistachio chocolate cookies, by My inspiration (rye flour only)
  6. Danish chocolate rye buns, by Nordic food living
  7. Date and walnut bread recipe, by The bread she bakes
  8. Double chocolate Irish tea infused oat muffins, by Half baked harvest (rye flour only, LOTS of scrolling but the recipe is very good)
  9. Easy brownies with rye and pecan nuts, by Rebel’s kitchen (rye flour only)
  10. Grandma’s apple bread, by allrecipes
  11. Memma or Mammi for Easter, by Hovkonditorn (rye flour only)
  12. Rye cream (rukkijahuvaht), by Estonian cuisine (rye flour only)
  13. Rye crispbread, by BBC foo (rye flour only)
  14. Sweet potato-rye rieska, by Scandi home
  15. Upside-down apple pie with cinnamon, by Gourmandelle (rye flour only)
  16. Whipped berry rye porridge, by Scandi home (rye flour only)

Savoury recipes

  1. Danish rye bread, by Nordic food living
  2. Finnish Karelian pies, by A fox in the kitchen (rye flour only)
  3. Irish shortbread (wheat free), by allrecipes
  4. Knaakkebrod/Nakkileipa/Scandinavian-style rye crisp bread, by allrecipes
  5. Pan-seared flatfish with crispy rye crust, by Just me and the clams (rye flour only, LOTS of photos to scroll past, but a good recipe)
  6. Pici with butternut squash, sausage and Tuscan pecorino, by Jul’s kitchen (a bit of scrolling before you get to the recipe)
  7. Pizza with brussels sprouts, by EatSmarter! (rye flour only, you could use the dough for any toppings)
  8. Pure rye sourdough, by Great British chefs (rye flour only)
  9. Russian black bread, by allrecipes
  10. Rye, ale and oat bread, by BBC food
  11. Rye chapatis, by SBS (rye flour only)
  12. Rye drop biscuits, by Taste of home
  13. Salmon, dill and sour cream quiche with a rye crust, by Great British chefs (rye flour only)
  14. Sauerkraut rye bread, by allrecipes
  15. Savory crepes with chia seeds and garlic, by Happy foods tube
  16. Savoury rye crepes, by Naturally Ella (rye flour only)
  17. Scandinavian rye bread, by BBC food

Spelt flour recipes

Spelt is a kind of wheat. And as such, doesn’t generally require any adjustments if you want to replace regular wheat flour. The flavour is a bit nuttier, and somewhat similar to wholemeal flour.

If you’re gluten-free, you should avoid cooking with spelt, and be careful because sometimes it can also be called farro.

Sweet recipes

  1. Better-for-you sticky date pudding with toffee sauce, by Cook Republic
  2. Boozy raspberry chocolate brownies, by Eat like a girl (the booze is rum)
  3. Double chocolate zucchini spelt loaf, by Sugar loves spice (a bit of scrolling)
  4. Fig newtons, by Madeleine Shaw
  5. Healthier gingerbread man, by Niomi Smart
  6. Healthy strawberry rhubarb oat bars, by My kitchen love
  7. Healthy wholemeal spelt pancakes, by Everyday cooking with Mira
  8. Matcha blondies, by Tin and thyme (a lot of scrolling!)
  9. Pumpkin spelt muffins, by allrecipes
  10. Shredded apple spelt cake, by allrecipes
  11. Spelt cherry cookies, by allrecipes
  12. Spelt flour jam tartlets, by Sugar loves spices (some scrolling)
  13. Strawberry cream cakes, by Tin and thyme (a bit of scrolling)
  14. Tahini oatmeal cookies, by Natalies health
  15. Vegan Balinese-style banana pancakes, by lazy cat chicken
  16. Vegan tahini cookies, by allrecipes
  17. Whole-grain blueberry scones, by allrecipes

Savoury recipes

  1. Cheese souffle, by The Healthy Epicurean
  2. Corn fritters, by SBS
  3. Easy mid-week pumpkin and kale souffle, by Suntemple food
  4. Finnish potato flat bread, by Scandihome
  5. Fresh fig and goat cheese tart, by allrecipes
  6. Olive and rosemary spelt loaf, by My goodness kitchen
  7. Onion tart with spelt bread base, by Suntemple food (lots of scrolling as the recipe has a lot of ‘in process’ photos that look nice but are mostly useless)
  8. Quick rosemary and sun-dried tomato focaccia, by Mira Garvin
  9. Savoury veggie crackers, by well nourished
  10. Spelt and poppy seed rolls, by Tesco
  11. Spelt biscuits, by allrecipes
  12. Spelt bread recipe, by GoodtoKnow
  13. Spelt burger buns, by Manu’s kitchen
  14. Spelt flat bread, by allrecipes
  15. Spelt flour crackers, by Chew town
  16. Spelt pizza dough with 3 pizza toppings, by Maison cupcake
  17. Wholemeal spelt soda bread, by Doves farm

Buckwheat flour recipes

Contrary to what the name suggests, buckwheat has nothing to do with wheat. Buckwheat is, in fact, a seed and 100% gluten-free. Buckwheat flour is usually combined with wheat flour (which makes them have gluten!), but all the recipes listed here use buckwheat flour only.

Buckwheat flour can be hard to find, but it can be made from the seeds usually found in larger supermarkets and health stores. All you need to do is grind them using a food processor or blender.

Sweet recipes

  1. Buckwheat dark chocolate chip muffins, by Sugar loves spice
  2. Buckwheat pancakes, by The ordinary cook
  3. Buckwheat pancakes with plums, almonds and honey, by Eat like a girl
  4. Chocolate and coconut buckwheat waffles, by London bakes
  5. Chocolate & Pepsi cupcakes, by only crumbs remain (loads of scrolling, but a cool and different recipe)
  6. Clementine & blue poppy seed loaf, by My inspiration
  7. Courgette banana buckwheat pancakes, by Sneaky veg (lots of scrolling before recipe)
  8. Deliciously Ella’s fudgy brownies, by Waitrose
  9. Gluten-free cupcakes with tahini icing, by BBC
  10. Hazelnut butter and buckwheat flour chocolate chip cookies, by London bakes
  11. Mini coconut & banana buckwheat pancakes, by My fussy eater (a bit of scrolling before you get to the recipe)
  12. Raw chocolate caramel slice, by Ascension kitchen
  13. Spiced breakfast muffin, by Well nourished
  14. Sugar free, gluten and grain free self saucing chocolate pudding, by Merrymaker sisters
  15. Triple chocolate buckwheat cookies, by BBC
  16. Vegan paleo chocolate banana cake, by The whole daily

Savoury recipes

  1. 3 ingredient sweet potato fritters, by Madeleine Shaw
  2. Artisan bread (one bowl, dutch oven), by Contentedness cooking (includes some info on dutch ovens and bread-making tips)
  3. Beetroot and buckwheat crackers, by Nirvana cakery
  4. Black bean burgers, by the happy foodie
  5. Buckwheat and chia pastry, by eatori (step-by-ste photos)
  6. Buckwheat blinis with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, by BCC
  7. Buckwheat bread with almonds, by T as tasty
  8. Buckwheat crepes with eggs, by SBS
  9. Cauliflower pizza dough, by Food thinkers
  10. Gluten free cheezy rosemary & black pepper crackers, by 84th & 3rd
  11. Gluten free multiseed bread, by lazy cat kitchen (video instructions too!)
  12. Green goddess beet buckwheat crepes, by Naturally Sassy
  13. Pulled pork tacos with a DIY buckwheat tortilla recipe, by Lorna Jane
  14. Savoury buckwheat omelettes, by Cook republic
  15. Savoury courgette and buckwheat cake, by Nirvana bakery
  16. Turkey schnitzel with parsnip chips, by Madeleine Shaw
  17. Vegan mashed potato cheese waffles, by My goodness kitchen


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