CORNMEAL recipe ROUNDUP: 30+ sweet and savoury recipes

Cornmeal (or polenta, or corn grits depending where you’re from!) comes in a variety of ways. It could be super fine (similar to wheat flour), fine, coarse, or extra coarse (similar to semolina, and sometimes found as ‘stone-ground’). Which one you use depends on the recipe you are following, but when in doubt coarse is usually considered the standard.

Just make sure you don’t confuse cornmeal with corn flour (or cornstarch), that is something completely different! Cornmeal can be yellow, white or blue; while corn flour is always white and very, very fine (much like powdered sugar).

All these recipes use cornmeal only and no other flours are needed.

Sweet recipes

  1. Blue cornmeal pancakes, by allrecipes
  2. Buttermilk sweet potato pie, by Vintage kitty (useful notes, don’t skip them, and the recipe uses a pre-made pie crust)
  3. Dairy-free lemon cremes with oat-thyme crumble, by epicurious
  4. Easy cornmeal porridge, by HomeMade Zagat (quite a lot of scrolling before the recipe)
  5. Hoidanka, by Ukrainian recipes (a sort of sweet polenta/grits)
  6. Indian pudding, by New England today
  7. Kitchen blender corn bundt cake, by Easy and delish (you can ‘jump to recipe’ and avoid the scrolling)
  8. New England Blackberry ‘torte’, by epicurious (no photo)
  9. Oats ‘n honey granola bar (Nature valley copycat), by My happy place
  10. Orange upside-down cake, by Epicurious (no photo)
  11. Polenta budino with stone fruit, by almost properly
  12. Pumpkin cranberry cookies, by Forks over knives
  13. Rancher’s buttermilk pie, by my recipes (uses pre-made pie crust)
  14. Salty honey pear custard pie, by Hello my dumpling (A LOT of scrolling before you get to the recipe, but it’s a good one)
  15. Sweet corn cake (tamalitos), Palatable Pastime

Savoury recipes

  1. Cornmeal mush, by allrecipes
  2. Corn pudding, by Celebrate Woman Today (step-by-step photos)
  3. Deep fried corn meal sticks (sorullitos de maiz), by allrecipes
  4. Fried cornmeal mush, by allrecipes
  5. Fried okra, by Tamarind and thyme
  6. How to cook the perfect cornbread, by The Guardian (fantastic info)
  7. How to make the perfect polenta, by The Guardian (lots of great tips!)
  8. Johnnycakes, by allrecipes
  9. Little pup hushpuppies, by Just a pinch
  10. Makki di roti (corn flour roti), by Hari Ghotra
  11. Meilie ‘pap’ or ‘putu’, by Fabulous Farm Living
  12. Polenta chips, by Where is my spoon? (some scrolling before getting to the recipe)
  13. Polenta muffins with green peas and feta cheese, by Gourmandelle
  14. Polenta with rosemary and parmesan, by allrecipes
  15. Skillet cornbread, by Sugar spices life (if you don’t have self-rising cornmeal, use regular cornmeal and add baking powder)
  16. Sweet potato and black bean patties, by Searching for spice
  17. Vegan gorditas, by Cilantro & Citronella


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