There are always alternatives

No matter what your diet or whatever ingredients you may be missing, there are always alternatives and ways to do things. So don’t dispear!

The internet is your friend

When in doubt: use the internet. There are loads of resources you can use when something doesn’t go as planned or you’re missing something.

Don’t go overboard with the modifications

If you’re trying to follow a recipe, don’t change too many things or you’ll end up with something completely different.

Check several recipes for inspiration

Most recipes have a million and one versions (even traditional ones). Check out a few, and come up with your own version. You might like it better than the ones you took inspiration from!

Experiment with only one new ingredient

If you’re trying new ingredients, use only one at a time. That way you will be able to see how it cooks and whether you like the flavour or not. If you combine a bunch of new ingredients, the flavours could get mixed up.

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