LEEK recipe ROUNDUP: 50+ recipes

To end this week dedicated to leeks, here is a recipe roundup with some of my favourite recipes that use leeks from around the internet.

I’ve divided them depending on whether leeks are the main ingredient, or if they are one of a group of ingredients.

Leeks as the star

  1. Braised leeks and mustard greens, by allrecipes
  2. Carrots and leeks with ginger, by allrecipes
  3. Cheesy leeks a la Oliver, by Jamie Oliver
  4. Cock a leekie soup, by Great British Chefs
  5. Creamy leek gratin, by delicious.
  6. Creamy leeks, by Cook Style
  7. Curried coconut-leek soup, by allrecipes
  8. Curried leeks, by allrecipes
  9. Gammon and leek crumble, by Great British Chefs
  10. Leek and almond soup, by delicious.
  11. Leek, cheese and potato soup, by Great British Chefs
  12. Leek crumble, by Great British chefs
  13. Leek frittata, by Kiku Corner
  14. Leek gribiche, by allrecipes
  15. Leeks in lemon sauce, by allrecipes
  16. Leek mash, by allrecipes (the recipe is for steak with mash)
  17. Leeks, saffron and haricot beans, by The Guardian
  18. Leek soup, by BBC
  19. Leek slaw, by cuisinefiend
  20. Leeks vinaigrette with eggs mimosa, by Great British Chefs (sounds fancy, but it’s easy to make)
  21. Mash and leeks, by Great British Chefs
  22. Quiche leekraine, by Jamie Oliver
  23. Roasted baby leeks with thyme, Jamie Oliver

Leeks as a flavour

  1. Chargrilled marinated vegetables, by Jamie Oliver
  2. Chef John’s colcannon, by allrecipes
  3. Chef John’s white gazpacho, by allrecipes
  4. Chicken and leek pasties, by frugalfeeding
  5. Chicken and leek pie, by BBC
  6. Chicken and leek traybake, by BBC
  7. Ham and leek roll ups, by A pot of tea and a biscuit
  8. Ham & peas, by Jamie Oliver
  9. Helen’s leek, potato & pea soup, by Jamie Oliver
  10. Leek and broccoli soup, by Feeding boys
  11. Leek and chorizo puff pastry, by delicious.
  12. Leek and fennel soup, by not too sweet
  13. Leek and mackerel penne bake, by BBC good food
  14. Leek and pea dumpling curry, by delicious.
  15. Leek, lemon and white bean orzo, by delicious.
  16. Michael Sheen’s traditional Welsh cawl, by Jamie Oliver
  17. Mushroom and leek filo pie, by delicious.
  18. Mushrooms, leeks and fried eggs on toast, by BBC
  19. Parsnip and leek korma, by Riverford
  20. Pork & leek potstickers, by De tout coeur limousin
  21. Salmon, leek and dill tarts, by BBC
  22. Smothered leeks and kohlrabi, by BBC
  23. Sweet leek carbonara, by Jamie Oliver
  24. Sweet leek, ricotta and tomato lasagne, by Jamie Oliver
  25. Teriyaki chicken with leek and pepper stir-fry, by BBC
  26. Tortino di porri e riso (leek and rice bake), by delicious.
  27. Turkey and sweet leek pie, by Jamie Oliver
  28. Veggie quesadillas, by Jamie Oliver
  29. World’s most elegant winter pasta, by Jamie Oliver

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