TEFF, SORGHUM, and QUINOA FLOUR recipe ROUNDUP: 90+ sweet and savoury recipes

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To finish my post series on wheat flour alternatives, I’m focusing on 3 harder to find flours. However, if you do come across them and they are within your budget, I encourage you to buy them. The flavours and textures you can create are so different and interesting. You won’t be disappointed.

You can read more about why I think flour is so important to have around here.

Check all the posts where I talk about flour.

Teff flour recipes

Most people will probably have never heard of teff. It is a very small seed, mostly used in Ethiopian cuisine. Some people may have experienced it when eating injera, but not realised it was made from teff.

The flavour is quite nutty and, as it’s quite obvious by the recipes below, it goes great with chocolate and all sorts of nuts and seeds. It can also be used in porridge, and all the toppings used with oats can be used with teff too.

Sweet recipes

  1. Apple pancakes with homemade date caramel syrup, by The teff company
  2. Chai teff porridge with coconut milk, by will frolic for food
  3. Chocolate and hazelnut teff cookies, by Nirvana cakery
  4. Dark chocolate, hazelnut & sea salt teff cookies, by J S health
  5. Decadent gluten and dairy free brownies, by Yoga 213
  6. Dessert pie crust, by The teff company
  7. Double chocolate skillet brownie, by Strength & sunshine
  8. Fudgy gluten-free teff brownies, by allrecipes
  9. Gluten and dairy-free pudding, by Brit.co
  10. Gluten-free mini maple teff waffles, by Strength & sunshine
  11. Gluten-free teff flour pancakes in 10 minutes, by Ujwala’s delicacies
  12. Maple tahini cookies, by nourish not punish
  13. Peanut butter chocolate crunch cookie dough balls, by Oh she glows
  14. Ryan Hall’s molten lava cocoa teff pancake, by fitbit (the recipe uses chocolate protein powder which can be replaced by drinking chocolate powder or cocoa)
  15. Soaked teff porridge, by Just take a bite
  16. Strawberry pie with chocolate tedd crust, by Savor the best (uses a bit of cornflour for the filling)
  17. Sweet potato bars, by Rebecca Katz
  18. Teff almond butter cookies, by Salted plains
  19. Teff date bread, by gluten free vegan pantry
  20. Teff flour oatmeal raisin cookies, by Brewing Happiness

Savoury recipes

  1. 2 minute teff bread, by Low tox life
  2. Authentic Injera (Ethiopian flatbread), by the daring gourmet
  3. Feta cheese pie, by The teff company
  4. Savory teff porridge breakfast bowl, by will frolic for food
  5. Soaked teff crackers, by Just take a bite
  6. Teff and oat marathon bread, by power hungry
  7. Teff blinis with beetroot cashew cheese, by Ceri Jones Chef
  8. Teff crusted broccoli bites, by The teff company
  9. Teff meatballs, by The teff company (vegan recipe)
  10. Teff wheat bran chia bread, by kiipfit (as the name indicates, the recipe uses wheat bran)
  11. Vegan gluten-free teff crepes, by Healthy slow cooking

Sorghum flour recipes

Jowar flour or sorghum flour is most often used in African and Asian cuisines. Elsewhere, it is generally used as animal feed, which is such a pity because sorghum is absolutely delicious!

Sorghum flour is one of the hardest to find for those in Europe and America. You can usually find it in health food shops, Asian stores (Indian ones mostly), or the international section of larger supermarkets (or very occasionally in the baking section), and when all else fails: online.

Sweet recipes

  1. Butternut pots de creme, by coconut and berries (recipe comes from Sweet eats for all)
  2. Cardamom pumpkin custard pie, by ginger lemon girl
  3. Carrot muffins, by chef Abbie Gellman
  4. Cranberry orange scones, by the fit cookie (some scrolling)
  5. Easy gluten free crustless pumpkin pie, by the fit cookie (a bit of scrolling, but nothing terrible)
  6. Gluten free almond biscotti, by Darn good veggies
  7. Gluten free gingerbread cookies with sea salt caramel rum raisin filling, by E.A. Stewart (some scrolling)
  8. Gluten free orange poppy seed bread, by Darn Good Veggies (a little bit of scrolling before the recipe)
  9. Gluten free skillet cookie, by Culinary jumble
  10. Gooey pumpkin pudding cake, by chocolate covered katie
  11. Healthy gluten free Christmas fruit cake, by Ascension kitchen (includes a breakdown of ingredients with alternatives)
  12. Healthy red velvet pancakes, by desserts with benefits (a bit of scrolling)
  13. Mini peach tarts, by forks over knives
  14. Pumpkin protein pancakes, by Nutrition Starring YOU
  15. Sorghum chocolate peanut cookies, by Blend with spices
  16. Sorghum pancakes, by recipe for perfection
  17. Sorghum ice cream with sorghum peanut brittle, by david lebovitz (the sorghum syrup could be replaced with other syrups for different flavours)
  18. Vegan blueberry cobbler, by gluten-free goddess

Savoury recipes

  1. Colcannon casserole, by Allyson Kramer’s recipes (the flour is used to make gravy)
  2. Gluten free chapati, by Moksha food (very simple recipe)
  3. Grilled corn pudding with poblano peppers and asiago, by FOOD52
  4. Healthy stroganoff made with chicken, by very well fit
  5. Hemp za’atar sorghum crackers, by will frolic for food (a lot of scrolling)
  6. Hummus biscuits, by Savory spin
  7. Jawar roti, by Weekend kitchen (step-by-step photos)
  8. Jolada paddu, by Cook with Smile (step-by-step photos, if you don’t have the pan you can use the batter to make pancakes)
  9. Masala jowar roti, by Cook with Smile (2 methods and step-by-step photos!)
  10. Red pepper bird seed savory snack bars, by Flo & grace (a lot of scrolling)
  11. Smokehouse almond crackers, by the fit cookie (all sorts of salted or flavoured nuts would work in this recipe)
  12. Summer lentil & okra gumbo, by will frolic for food (quite a bit of scrolling)
  13. Summer corn souffle with chipotle and lime, by FOOD52
  14. Sweet potato lakes, by gluten-free goddess

Quinoa flour recipes

A few years ago only people from a small area of the world knew what quinoa was. Now, we can even find it in discount supermarkets, right next to cheap bags of rice!

And with that growing popularity, came a plethora of products based on quinoa. Flour is just one of them. If you can’t find quinoa flour, it is easy to make at home with just a blender or very powerful food processor.

As usual, all these recipes are for quinoa flour only and don’t require any other flours. I tried to keep the links limited to websites without much scrolling, but if a blog does have some I let you know.

Sweet recipes

  1. Almond butter weekend waffles, by Joe Cross
  2. Apple almond butter muffins, by Jeanie and Lulu’s kitchen
  3. Apples & berries gluten-free crumble, by My food & happiness (includes video)
  4. Banana blueberry breakfast cake, by gluten free Jess (a lot of scrolling, but it’s a great recipe)
  5. Blackberry quinoa muffins, by Skinny fitalicious
  6. Coconut tres leches, by Fearless dining
  7. Fig walnut rosemary crackers, by Nirvana cakery (read the notes, there are some important tips)
  8. Gluten free chocolate quinoa pie crust, by 84th & 3rd (some scrolling)
  9. Gluten-free gingersnap cookies, by eating bird food (some scrolling, but there’s a video)
  10. Gluten free spiced quinoa pie crust, by 84th & 3rd (a bit of scrolling)
  11. Healthy chocolate quinoa crackers, Desserts with benefits
  12. Herbed lemon poppy seed bread, by Tasty kitchen
  13. Maple coconut macaroons, by healthy slow cooking
  14. PBJ quinoa donuts, by Diets in review (a bit of scrolling)
  15. Post-workout sweet potato brownies, by Fit men cook (includes video)
  16. Quinoa triple almond bars, by Apron strings
  17. Simple gluten-free walnut brownie, by My food & happiness
  18. Vegan quinoa pancakes, by lazy cat kitchen (a tiny bit of scrolling)

Savoury recipes

  1. 5-ingredient sweet potato quinoa fritters, by Simply quinoa (a lot of scrolling, but the recipe is very easy)
  2. Cabbage pancakes, by perspective portions (includes instruction for making quinoa flour from seeds or flakes)
  3. Carrot juice pulp crackers, by Jerry James Stone (great recipe to limit waste)
  4. Corn pudding, by VegKitchen
  5. Crepes with kale and maple syrup, by maple from Quebec
  6. Homemade quinoa crackers, by Mind over munch (includes video)
  7. Jalapeno popper chicken, by food fanatic (some scrolling)
  8. Mongolian chicken, by Fave healthy recipes
  9. Pea and broccoli fritters, by Little big H (very easy recipe)
  10. Pesto eggplant stacks, by Meals, heels & cocktails (so easy!)
  11. Quinoa breaded chicken strips, by Omega crunch
  12. Quinoa soda bread, by power hungry
  13. Sweet potato gnocchi, by Jeanie and Lulu’s kitchen
  14. Thin and crispy quinoa crust pizza, by Queen of my kitchen (a little bit of scrolling)
  15. Turkey pot pie, by Farm girl fresh
  16. White bean kale & artichoke dip with quinoa flatbread, by the healthy maven

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