West African inspired peanut soup

Almost traditional one-pot West African full of veggies and flavour.


Is peanut butter really a protein? Peanut butter nutrition

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Peanut butter fruit scones

Your classic fruit scones, with a nutty twist.

One-step satay sauce

A great cheaters’ recipe for those days when you want something special without all the work.

Peanut butter and semolina cookies

Easy 6-ingredient cookies that will keep you coming back for more.

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Bottom of the fridge fritters and dip

Quick and easy versatile fritters that can be modified to suit all tastes and dietary needs, with an accompanying dip.

Online tools to help you spring clean your kitchen

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Whatever’s left muffins (sweet or savoury)

Dump and mix muffins that can be customised to the ingredients available to you.